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United States
Chrome Thunder or Graywolf71

One look at my gallery and you might think "WTF?" . but the truth is there's several things i like to make. My primary art form is ink and pen (with black pencil and carbon paper thrown in) hand sketches. Mostly of trains, though i have tried some Ace Attorney art too. Painting isn't one of my strong points, especially on a computer since I only have a mouse and cheap photo programs (though as you can see it hasn't stopped me). I like to make custom models of trucks and warplanes, and of course custom My Little Ponies (and other horses). I guess it was something to do with the fact i was NUTS about horses when i was a kid. I'm also one of the many guys who have fallen victim to the new MLP-FiM show.
I also do some photography (again mostly of trains, but some weather shots also). I like both country and metal music. I consider myself a right leaning Libertarian. And though I'm usually nice, there's some times (like with certain subjects when they come up), this song describes me:…

And here's another song that is fitting for a lot of people:…
Luna Nobis Providet by egallyg Happy Derpy by kero444 Outlaw Brony Stamp by lonewolf3878 New Lunar Republic Air Force Animated Stamp by lonewolf3878 American Flag Stamp by xxstamps Phoenix and Iris Stamp by lonewolf3878 80's Toys Stamp by lonewolf3878 VF-84 Jolly Rogers Stamp by lonewolf3878 VF-41 Black Aces Stamp by lonewolf3878 VF-111 Sundowners Stamp by lonewolf3878 VF-1 Wolfpack Stamp by lonewolf3878 VF-142 Ghostriders Stamp by lonewolf3878 Ace Combat Stamp by lonewolf3878 Peterbilt Stamp by lonewolf3878 Area00 Game Stamp by lonewolf3878

MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Derpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn Pony stamp by Shabi000 MLP Generations Abound by endler Protect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocks Here Comes Twilight Stamp by Kevfin Octavia Stamp by jewlecho Woona Stamp by tombstone Stamp: This is getting SO bloody stupid... by Catthylove Princess Cadance Stamp by jewlecho OUTDATED STAMP by Sketch-Shepherd Nyx Stamp by TaionaFan369 Twilight Sparkle Stamp by Shiiazu I support Alicorn OC's Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy Sonata Dusk Stamp by Tambelon princess Flurry heart  fan stamp by XxRhian-MidnightxX Flash Sentry Fan - Stamp by Shiiazu MLP Alicorn Support Stamp by lola4232 Its not Serious by SoraRoyals77 :thumb209371923: BUT PONIES RUINED MAH LIFE by endler { stamp } I DON'T CARE IF YOU OWN A MARY SUE by Miss-Pixel

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Social Justice Warriors by Chiminix Soldier Stamp by Pirate-Liz George Carlin by Stock7000 Freedom of Art - STAMP by Kiki4rich Stamp - Second Amendment by MauserGirl Politically Correct Stamp by AGoddessFinch Boys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps GAW KEEL YURSELPH, U NOOBEESH SEEK PHOK!!!11! by BoggyTheWorm

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I hate the WBC by Ghostwalker2061
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Current Residence: Kansas
Favourite genre of music: Hard rock, metal, and country
Operating System: Win XP home
Favourite cartoon character: Wildfire (from a 1980's cartoon of the same name)

What am I doing?

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 12:27 PM
  • Listening to: Harold Faltermyer - Memories (from Top Gun)
  • Reading: Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

As of right now I have 51 aircraft models in 5 scales (and this isn't counting the 40 or so diecast  Tailwinds toys). This includes 1 I just finished (F-14) and 2 I need to make decals for (F-14, F-16. Yes those 2 will be NLRAF ones).
But I just ordered 2 more F-14's, and may get another 3-4 toms including a 1:32 scale one (I don't really like the price of those though). And there's a few other planes.  Needless to say I'm running out of room unless I start hanging more from the ceiling.

When I finally stop on my binge, I plan on taking a group photo of everything.

Oh that's right I still have a couple of custom Mad Max style car models to do also. :P

MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Derpy Hoove's Life Lesson For Us Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn The-Lunar-Republic Icon Entry by atomicalicorn



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