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  My quest to find him and those who were his friends, and enemies took me all over the five countries that were involved in the war.

  Maverick's friends praised the work he did for the squadron. His enemies showed discontent, but also seemed to have been impressed by his abilities.
  The more I read up on Maverick and the Lunar squadron, the more eager I was to meet them.

1st Lieutenant Rover. "Draco 1"
Former member of the Legion of Discord Air Force
15th Fighter Squadron.

Originally  self employed, he joined the LoD air force after the takeover. He has since returned to his previous job of digging for gems.

  "My squadron was flying on a routine patrol just off the coast when we got the call about the radar site in the volcano being attacked. We immediately headed for it to intercept them.
  Unfortunately we got there too late to save the site. We engaged them anyway, which turned out to be a mistake. We had some of the top LoD aircraft, and that squadron made it look like we were flying bi-planes. In short order 3 of my pilots were downed.

  Then their squadron leader, this Maverick you speak of, got on my tail. He was worse than a flea. Nothing I did could shake him, and he got me. I parachuted onto the beach on one side of the island, and watched my last pilot get shot down.

  I watched the planes fly back over the island. The grayish white wingtips made them look so brazen. Then I saw one get shot down by a portable SAM, and I thought I might get to meet the pony who shot me down. I never saw him though. I don't know if the Navy picked him up or what.

Now the war is over, and I'm once again digging underground with other dogs looking for gems. I miss the comfort of the barracks, and the good food. Maybe someday my gem hunting will let me live that way."


Lieutenant Colonel Gilda. "Galt 1"
Former member of the Legion of Discord Air Force.
32nd Fighter Squadron.

  "Originally a member of the Griffin Empire Air Force, she was one of several who were forced to join the LoD after the takeover.

  "I was one of the Griffins who reluctantly accepted the takeover of our country by Discord. Before then I was the commander of my own Griffin Empire squadron. Because of this, they enlisted me in their air force.
  Besides being the commander of the 32nd, I trained a lot of the new pilots who were joining also. Most of my flight was newbies the day we were directed to defend the canyon from the attackers.

I was worried we would run into Rainbow Dweeb or that showoff Trixie's squadrons, as we would have been in trouble. When I saw it was just another blue squadron I figured it wouldn't be too hard.

I was wrong. The pilots of this squadron were good. Especially that damn Maverick. I watched my wingmen get shot down one by one, and our ammo supplies get destroyed.

Then Maverick engaged me. Nothing I did could throw him off. He was like damn fly you couldn't swat off your back with your tail. The next thing I know my plane gets riddled with bullets, and I had to eject.

I yelled at him as he flew by. His face was expressionless. You couldn't tell if he was happy for the kill or disappointed.

I completely lost my temper.  My kill score was perfect until that dweeb screwed it up! If we ever return to the skies again,  HE will be the one to get shot down!"


Fleet Admiral Geoffrey. Pacific 1-1
Member of the New Lunar Republic Navy

Originally with the 2nd Carrier Fighter Squadron on board the LRS Eclipse, he is now the captain of the LRS Pacific. The Republic's new hi tech battleship.

  "I know most Navy and Air Force pilots have rivalries between each other, but I'm not one of those. I only met Maverick a couple of times, but on both he left quite an impression on me. The second time being the engagement with both Solar Empire and LoD aircraft during the attack on Discord's forces.

  I had never seen a furball like that before. It might have been too much for some ponies, but not him. And with the combination of his and Rainbow Dash's squadrons the enemy never stood a chance. He was truly one of the greats for our time."


Colonel Firefly. "Firebane 1"
Former member of the Solar Empire Air Force.
4th Air Division. 7th Fighter Squadron.

   "Intelligence knew about the Republic's plans to attack Discord's forces, so our mission was to give both sides massive losses. It might have been successful, but intel didn't know we would be going up against two of the NLR's best squadrons.

  I knew about Lunar squadron and their capabilities, so  I figured I could counter their moves easily. I didn't know Maverick was the new squadron commander though. I thought it was still Whiteblaze.

  I realized this as soon as I saw his flying. It was some of the best I've ever seen. I had to focus intensely to keep him from getting a lock on me. I did it so much that I forgot there were other planes, and that's how I got shot down.

  At the time I kind of wished he had shot me down. Because the fact it was my childhood friend that did it made it hurt."


  Major Octavia. "Mist 1".
Former member of the Solar Empire Air Force.
1st Air Division. 4th Fighter Squadron.

"I wasn't planning on joining the military, but Vinyl convinced me to do it, so I became part of the Air Force. Being an earth pony I've always wondered what flying would be like. It wasn't long before I got to like the freedom of it, even though it was in a jet.

  Under Vinyl's guidance, I became a formidable pilot, and was soon an ace. Air combat is like any musical performance. You have to know your instrument, and how to play it. And you have to be perfect. One wrong note and the performance is ruined.

  Unfortunately the two of us played sour notes the day we met Maverick and the Lunar Squadron.

  After the first few planes got shot down I knew we were in trouble. Those pilots flew better than any I had come up against before. Vinyl was hit first. Her plane was still flyable, so she retreated from the battle. I was sure that one Lunar plane was going to finish her off, but it didn't. The pilot showed compassion.

  It was then I remembered we weren't flying against brainwashed monsters or Griffins. They were ponies like us. Maybe even fans who recognized the cutie marks on our planes. But like us they had a job to do.

  It was then my sour note happened, and Maverick got me.

  After I was rescued, I learned Vinyl had failed to make it back to base, but managed to eject safely.

  Now that the war is over we have returned to our music careers, but if Equestria should be threatened again, we will not hesitate to return to the skies."


Senior Master Sergeant Sunfire. "Lunar 7"

"I figured he was just another average pilot, and we would have to train him a little more.

After the first mission with him, my opinion changed. It was clear he knew what he was doing and then some.

I was awestruck by his flying. He made his 37 do exactly what he wanted. It was almost like he became the plane.

And he seemed to prefer using his gun over his missiles in dogfights. It almost seemed like he wanted to give the enemy pilots a chance to bail out. I was proud to have him as my wing commander.


Master Sergeant Dahlia. "Lunar 4"

  "There's not much I can say about him that you probably don't already know.

When he first arrived at Whitemare, he really didn't seem like a seasoned pilot. I figured we would be bailing him out constantly.

Boy did he prove us wrong. He put his Terminator through moves I would have never tried. While concentrating on the enemy, he never lost track of his wingponies.

After I learned more about his past and watched him in action, it was clear he was the best thing to come to Lunar squadron ever."

These snippets from the interviews only scratched the surface of Lunar squadron's accomplishments. I continued to look for more as I tried to find Maverick, as I wanted to get every little detail of each mission, if it was possible.
A quick intermission featuring pilot interviews ala AC0.

Next chapter: [link]

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